«Love is the strength of eternal life. Love is the perfume of eternity, within
matter. »

Is it possible to separate sex and love? And what exactly is love? These are questions that we all ask ourselves in our life, and to which everyone tries to give an answer: Even Tiziano Bellucci with Erosophia, a journey through human sexuality with the magnifying glass of anthroposophy. Starting from the writings of Rudolf Steiner, passing through the sacred writings and the apocryphal Gospels, the author constructs his own analysis in a balance between philosophy, spirit science and personal introspection, mixing languages ​​and forms in a unique style.

Tiziano Bellucci
Born in Castelfranco Emilia (MO) on 21 May 1962. He found his synthesis between science, art and religion, after his meeting with Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Science of the Spirit.
A music teacher in Bologna, he has been a researcher and spiritual science writer since 1990: sound engineer, writer, lecturer, author and music composer. He is part of the Universal Anthroposophical Society at the Dornach Goetheanum.
He is a professor of general anthroposophy at the school of anthroposophical art therapy Stella Maris, Bologna.


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